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MGBA Fees and Expenses for Travel Team Players and Families

Other Fees Not Included in Registration Cost:

Tournament Fees

In recent years, some communities have adopted a no gate fee model where there is no individual charge for spectators on tournament weekend.  Virus concerns are accelerating this trend as the model allows you to avoid the exchanging of money and limits your need for volunteers.  Minnetonka along with many other communities will be adopting that model this year. 

To account for the lost revenue, leagues are required to raise tournament fees as well as up front player fees.  While those increases should be neutral to families given the money saved not paying gate fees, we recognize the difficulty in increasing up front costs especially in the current economic environment.  As a result, Minnetonka will phase in any increases and will budget to operate at a deficit this season spending down cash reserves to minimize the impact.  The net result is we do expect a modest increase in registration fees, but the overall cost this season will hopefully be lower not higher when we account for the lower gate fees.  It is hard to know for certain as not every community is adopting this model, and you should still expect to pay a gate fee at some tournaments. 

As always, no player will be turned away for inability to pay and scholarships are available to those that have a financial need.  At registration, we will provide an opportunity to families that are able to make a tax deductible donation to fund our scholarship program as we expect the need to be greater this season. 

For tournaments that require a gate fee, you can expect the following:

  • Tournament admission fees--normally $5 -$7 per day for spectators (parents, siblings, etc.)
  • Other incidental costs such as tournament concession stands, team lunches, etc.

Out of Town Tournament

The teams attend one out of town tournament. Parents/guardians and players are given the option of staying at a pre-chosen hotel at a negotiated group rate and most choose to do this. Depending on your choice, you may incur the cost of a hotel stay.  If parent/guardian is unable to attend the tournament, please contact your player's  team parent/manager to arrange a room share with a teammate's family.  MGBA has stayed at the Centerstone Plaza Soldiers Field hotel in Rochester for many years due to its ability to accommodate all our teams and families in our program.  It is also in close proximity to the tournament locations. We welcome any other well-researched hotel suggestions.

Uniform Policy

All girls on all travel teams are required to purchase their own uniform.  Uniforms are typically worn for a minimum of 2 years.  Uniforms will be available for players to try on at our travel tryouts in September.  Parents will be required to submit their daughter's order to MGBA's Uniform Coordinator within a few days of team announcements.


A professional photographer will be contracted to take team and individual photographs, typically in early November.  Teams will be assigned a specific date and time, during a weeknight, to have their pictures taken.  Picture sessions are usually at one of our Middle School locations.  The photographer will provide each player with a Proof/Order Form.  Copies of photographs and other memorabilia offered by the photographer will be available at the expense of each player/family.

Miscellaneous Apparel Items

Players will be given the opportunity to purchase basketball apparel (i.e., bags, socks, sweatshirts, warm ups). Purchasing additional apparel is optional.